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4. September 2017
Innovation award: cph is Top 100!
30. June 2018

New Hotmelt cleaners for melting tanks and application equipment

Hot Melt cleaner

Tired of dirty melting tanks? cph has developed two new Hotmelt cleaners, that are efficient and effective in cleaning all types of melting tanks and applicator units, including nozzles. There are two types available:
– AP8, a liquid cleaner based on a liquid paraffin for rubber-based PSA hotmelts
AP9, a solid cleaner in granulated form based on paraffin wax for EVA- and PO/Metallocene-based hotmelts.

Both cleaners have a proven cleaning efficiency which was verified in laboratory trials and trials at customers. They are both made from completely non-hazardous materials, have little to no odor and are very easy to use!  Both cleaners can be disposed of as regular trash, in appropriate closed containers, after use.