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2. November 2019
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12. July 2020

cph Deutschland Chemie wins German Excellency Award

cph Deutschland Chemie GmbH has been awarded with the German Excellency Award 2020 in the category “Established Venture – Sustainability & Environment”. “DISQ”, an external German institute for service quality and its independent jury awarded us for several reasonsamong being

  • cph has been the first to develop biodegradable labelling adhesives 

  • cph has been the first to develop zinc and borax-free labelling adhesives 

  • cph has been the first German company to have European Eco Audit certified through EMAS according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 

  • cph is reducing its energy output each year by ca. 9% 

  • cph uses rainwater for productioncooling and cleaning purposes

The award has been handed over by Carola Ferstl, journalist of the news station n-tv, Thomas Eilrich, chief editor of the DUB Unternehmer-Magazin as well as former Federal Minister of Economy Brigitte Zypries. 

“I am pleased that with this award I can pass on an even more valuable and sustainable company. Already with the TOP INNOVATOR 2018 award, we were able to show that we are working future-oriented. We are very proud of the award of the German Excellence Award 2020, as it recognizes our sustainabile products and our sustainability policy, which has been practiced for over 35 years” as Dr. G. Schüttpelz describes it.

The award is just another recognition of our great work at cph and shows once again that we are the leading company when it comes to sustainability and the production of environmental friendly products. 

Image creditsThomas Ecke / DISQ / n-tv / DUB