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12. July 2020
cph Deutschland Chemie wins German Award for Sustainability Projects 2021
7. July 2021

European neighbourhood partnership sealed

From left to right: Koos Slor (Dynaplak), Andreas Schüttpelz (cph Deutschland Chemie), Tom Brooijmans (Novidon), Dr. Gerwin U. Schüttpelz (cph Deutschland Chemie), Christiaan Oei (Novidon), Dr. Mathies Evers (cph Deutschland Chemie)

Last week marked another important milestone in the company history of cph. cph Deutschland Chemie and Novidon – sustainable starch solutions – signed a joint cooperation and marketing agreement.

Being well known for its innovative starch solutions, Novidon, part of the international Duynie Group, made already first steps regarding sustainable starch based labeling adhesives a few years ago. “As cph is a global market leader in the field of sustainable labeling adhesives, we very much look forward to this partnership. The development team of cph has shown us that we are on the right way. With the know-how of 45 years in labeling adhesives, as well as their leading position in sustainability in this sector we are happy that cph will bring a labeling adhesive, based on our novelty, to the global market”, says Christiaan Oei – Commercial Director of Novidon.

Compared to the traditional way of extracting potato starch, Novidon extracts starch as a co-product released during the production of potatoes into French fries and chips. It makes it more sustainable and more attractive for cph as a raw material as edibles are not being used. “I have been working for a long time in order to sign this agreement. From the moment I have heard about their innovative idea I knew that they would be the perfect partner for cph. This cooperation brings us in the unique position to increase the sustainability in the value chain of our labeling adhesives. Besides our general environmental caution during the production of our adhesives, we are now able to go even one step ahead by using sustainable potato starch” adds Dr. Gerwin U. Schüttpelz – CEO of the cph group.

The product series will be named REGAIN and will be taken care off in a joined R&D project, leaded by Tom Brooijmans (New Business Manager of Novidon) and Dr. Mathies Evers (Head of R&D of cph).


Factsheet cph Deutschland Chemie & Novidon.