Case Studies


Non-Woven industry

A happy childhood laugh

Adhesives for baby diapers

You see: a happy child. We see: a story about absorbent diapers.

An absorbent diaper which is also comfortable to wear is nowadays a necessity which strongly demands the adhesive industry in the non-woven sector. With our DIAMELT range, we have an adhesive program that covers all applications in the non-woven industry.



Production of mattresses

Nice dreams

Hot melts for mattresses

You see: a person who regenerates by restful sleep. We see: a history of extremely resistant and odorless adhesives in the mattress.

In the production of mattresses, it is important that the glue has no smell in the finished mattress in addition to choosing an adhesive with best gluing and processing properties. Before that, however, we had to make sure that with the adhesive different types of packaging and very fluctuating temperatures during transport and storage could be handled.

Our Globomelt 0462 allows a very deep penetration into the material to be bonded. This in turn leads to a very low consumption of this adhesive. Extensive tests have been carried out worldwide in order to check the reaction to low and high temperatures in various climatic zones. All mattresses passed these quality tests without problems.




Delicious cake specialties

Hot melts for packaging

You see: a delicious Panettone cake. We see: production increases and minimized maintenance intervals during packaging.

Who does not know them: Pandoro and Panettone, two typical cake specialties of the Italians in the pre-Christmas period, or “Stollen” and gingerbread in Germany? What does this have to do with us? Many well-known manufacturers of these and other confectionery seal their packaging with one of our EVA or metallocene-based hot melts. And this completely MOSH and MOA free, that means free of oil-based components.

And best of all, our application engineers help you clean your HM applicators and reducing maintenance intervals. The result: an overall higher overall performance of your packaging lines.


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