Sustainable Hot Melt

Hot melts can also be sustainable. With our COMMITMELT series, we have introduced the first hot melt adhesive available worldwide, based on up to 60% renewable raw materials. The raw materials used comply with FDA guidelines 21-CFR 175.105 The COMMITMELT series is free of all heavy metals (certified as per EN 13432 (2000), ASTM D6400 (2012) / D6868 (2011), CAN/BQ 0017_088 (2010) E.

The key characteristics of our COMMITMELT series are the following:

  • Based on up to 60% renewable materials
  • High potential for biodegradability
  • For nozzle, roller or other application systems
  • Adhesive has a good hot tack
  • High adhesion
  • Produces a flexible film
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • COMMITMELT is hence the perfect Hot Melt for carton and card board boxes sealing and making.

More information about the product can be directly requested here.