Waterbased adhesives based on potato starch

Our Regain series of water-based adhesives are vegan and based on potato starch. Notable about this adhesive is that it increases the sustainability of the value chain of our labelling adhesives. Instead of using potato starch as a simple raw material, cph has a joint and exclusive cooperation and marketing agreement with Novidon, part of the international Duynie Group. 

For our Regain labelling adhesive, Novidon extracts starch as a by-product that is released during the manufacture of potatoes for fries and chips. The raw materials used are compliant with FDA guidelines 21 CFR 175.105. Preservatives used are free from heavy metals, phenols and formaldehyde and comply with current BfR guidelines. 

The key characteristics of the Regain series are: 

  • Based on potato starch 
  • Labelling on cold and warm bottles 
  • Labelling on dry and wet bottles 
  • Easily removable 
  • Great initial adhesion 
  • Vegan 
  • Fast setting times 

Regain is therefore the perfect labelling adhesive for the food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and more.

More information about the product can be found in our factsheet or directly provided by us.