World market leader with labeling adhesives

cph facts and figures

more than 300 different adhesives
90 % of adhesives produced in Germany
4 years in a row one of the best positioned companies of Germany
Each second 10000 bottles are being labeled with our adhesives
40000 tons adhesives production capacity per year
since 1984 we are offering biological degradable adhesives
We export our products to 103 countries
Country desks in 70 countries
1 ISO14001 and ISO 9001

300 different adhesives for every customer requirement

For the last 49 years, cph Deutschland Chemie has been a privately owned, medium-sized chemical company specializing in the development, manufacture and sale of industrial adhesives. And because we have the highest demands for ourselves, we offer products with the highest reliability in the application.

cph Deutschland Chemie is part of the internationally active cph group with production facilities in Germany and abroad. We cover all applications in the labeling industries on glass, PET, sheet, PVC, PE etc., with casein, starch, hot melt and dispersion adhesives. In addition, there are numerous applications of paper/cardboard binding in the packaging industries, wood and film lamination in the furniture industry and in pallet stabilization. The cigarette industry also relies on cph, as do numerous manufacturers of baby diapers.

Day by day, we find new solutions for various challenges. Our engineers, chemists and physicists are highly qualified and advise our customers on complex problems.

We export our products to over 100 countries. In the field of label glue, we are a world market leader: about 10,000 bottles are labeled with our adhesives every second.

4 reasons to choose cph


Added value in terms of adhesives means that the customer has a higher machine output, less downtime, less waste, reduced cleaning or less maintenance. By constantly monitoring the market, identifying needs and constantly testing our products, we regularly bring innovations to the market. We generate 40 percent of our sales with products that are not even three years old.


At cph, quality does not begin with the delivered product but rather determines the entire value chain. From every product that leaves our factory a sample remains, in order to monitor it over a period of months with regard to stable quality. To ensure a high quality level, quality management is installed according to DIN ISO 9001.


For us, you are not a just a number. Promise! We have the flexibility of a medium-sized company. Through short decision paths and an efficient management structure, we can react quickly to new markets and requirements.


Sustainability is not a pure slogan for us. Since 1984, we have been offering biodegradable adhesives. We were pioneers in zinc and borax-free label adhesives and have numerous environmental awards.

We have already developed more than 300 different adhesives.
Which one can we offer to you?