Sustainability at cph

cph started already at an early stage, namely in the eighties with a focus on environmental protection and sustainability. Since then, we renounce anything unnecessary and focus on the essential components.  

Sustainability is deeply rooted into the business strategy of cph and is actively lived by all employees. For us it is not only important to offer our customers sustainable adhesives but also to optimize our processes constantly.  

Our headquarter and production facilities in Essen operates CO2-neutralized since 2021.  

Water saving

We use rainwater for production, cooling and cleaning purposes.

Waste reducing

Our bucket-type containers are made of recycled material.

Energy saving

We reduce our energy input by 9% per annum based on produced quantity of adhesives in metric tons.


We were the first German company to be validaded in accordance with EUECO-AUDIT VO1836/93 and also have the certification in accordance with ISO 14001.


All facilitiesproduction facilities and machines 

are heated with CO2-neutralized gas.

Energy usage

We use solely green electricity

meaning CO2-neutral.

Besides having a CO2-neutralised production facility, we are offering a great number of sustainable adhesives. Already in 1984 we have offered biodegradable adhesives and pioneered the industry with the introduction of zinc and borax-free labelling adhesives.  

We continuously develop new adhesives, whether it be water-based or hotmelt and are using sustainable and biodegradable raw materials.  

  • Ecocoll
    Water-based labelling adhesives based on casein and...
  • Regain
    Waterbased adhesives based on potato starch

Besides our adhesive’s series Commitmelt, Regain & Arcticoll, we are offering various other sustainable adhesives.  

We can proudly say that our environmentally friendly products and sustainable focused business strategy has been recognized with several awards.  

In 2018 we were recognized as one of the Top 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.  

In 2020 we won the German Excellency Award for the category “Sustainability & Environment”.

In 2021 we were nominated again for the Great Award of the German MSE 

In the same year, we were nominated for the Efficiency Awards for North Rhein-Westfalia, Germany.  

In 2023, we were honoured by the Sustainable Impact Award for the category “Impact of Product”.

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