Sustainability at cph

We renounce anything unnecessary – down to the essential components, for example.

Already at an early stage, namely in the eighties, cph set standards with regard to environmental protection and introduced the first biodegradable labeling adhesives into the market which also do not cause waste water pollution (see expert opinion of the hygienic institute 1984).

Did you know that

  • cph pioneered the introduction of zinc and borax-free labeling adhesives?
  • we were the first German company to pass the EU-ECO-AUDIT VO1836/93 and which was certified according to ISO 14001?
  • cph only offers labeling adhesives free of TMDD*?
  • our packaging hot melts are free of MOSH and MOA?

*TMDD is a toxic emulsifier that is found in 50% of all labeling adhesives in the food industry according to a study by the University of Zaragoza. All of our adhesives are free of TMDD.

Commitmelt – a bio degradable hot melt adhesive

With Commitmelt we have developed a hot melt adhesive which is bio degradable. It is made with cane sugar, up to 40% – 50% of the final product is based on renewable raw materials. It is free of heavy metals and certified according to EN 13432 (2000), ASTM D6400 (2012) / D6868 (2011), CAN / BQ 0017_088 (2010). With this packaging hot melt we send a strong signal for a sustainable future.

Caseins and starch products – environmentally friendly raw materials

Cph is a leading producer of casein glue. For this we use caseins and cereal starches and sometimes apple pomace. This gives best BOD5 and COD values and thus leads to less wastewater load.

Water saving

We use rainwater for production, cooling and cleaning purposes.

Waste reducing

Our bucket-type containers are made of recycled material. IBC can be sent back for cleaning and re-use.

Energy saving

We reduce our energy input by 9% per annum based on produced quantity of adhesives in metric tons.

Green certified

We were the first German company to be validaded in accordance with EUECO-AUDIT VO1836/93 and also have the certification in accordance with ISO 14001


As far back as 1984 we were offering bio-degradable adhesives.


We pioneered the introduction of environmental-friendly adhesives and introduced zinc- and borax-free labeling adhesives.

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