Water-based adhesives


Not just for labels

cph offers a comprehensive portfolio of water-based adhesives based on synthetic and natural materials for a wide range of applications, especially in the labeling (food and beverage) and cigarette industry.

Nature, where possible! This is our motto. Especially for the food & beverage industry our water-based adhesives are ideal: casein from the milk and water mixed with cereals and wheat and potato starch and in some products apple pomace.

We offer water-based adhesives based on different raw materials:

  • Caseins
  • Starch
  • Hybrids
  • Synthetics

Adhesives for bottle labeling: our specialty!

Perfect adhesion of labels. Highest application speed. No peeling off at extreme temperatures. Highest condensation water resistance. Highest ice water resistance with good washability. There are many things to consider when developing adhesives for labels. The good news: we at cph have thought of everything and developed solutions that are specific to the customer and meet the highest requirements.

Natural raw materials: casein adhesives from cph

Best BOD5 and COD values, which in turn lead to less sewage load and thus cost savings. Who would not like that? Well, our casein products provide such values. Casein powder is a true miracle. It is not just a very strong and durable material. Casein-based adhesives can also be extremely water resistant. Therefore, they are ideally suited for the beverage industry (breweries) for the labeling of (beer) bottles. But casein is a natural product and depends on the quality of the meadows and climates. For this reason, we have a very complex process to ensure the high quality of our casein adhesives. As is often said: At the end of the day the raw material as well as the right recipe counts.


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