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Innovation, quality, sustainability. That is part of cph’s DNA. Get proof of it yourself in one of the 103 countries in which we are already exporting.

More than 300 different industrial adhesives ensure that we can meet many different customer requirements. Choose from our water-based adhesives or hot melts.

cph has long been a pioneer in the field of environmental protection. Several environmental management certifications prove this. Since 1984, we have been offering biodegradable adhesives.

The right connection is important

Industrial adhesives for the food and beverage industry, packaging industry, cigarette industry, woodworking industry and Non-Woven

You want: A reliable product with long life and low production costs.
We offer: industrial adhesives that support these product advantages.

Your goal is to reduce your manufacturing costs and increase your product reliability and product life? Then you should integrate cph industrial adhesives into your development and manufacturing process.

cph Deutschland Chemie has been producing environmentally friendly industrial adhesives for the food industry, beverage industry, cigarette industry and the packaging industry for more than 40 years. In the field of labeling adhesives, we are a world market leader.

Individually and on site!

Adhesives can be very different. In order to achieve excellent results in the area of adhesives, the general conditions as well as the specific production requirements have to be analyzed precisely. That is why we work in more than 70 countries around the world and support our customers with their ambitious production targets. In our research labs, we develop water-soluble adhesives (including casein adhesives) and hot melts.

The perfect gluing result

cph wants to sell more than just glue. We ensure that our customers achieve the perfect result, from the perfect application of the adhesive through its economical use to the simple and fast cleaning of the application machines.

Even if we produce something so small and almost invisible, our products have a great impact on your product reliability and production costs.

Gerwin Schüttpelz

300 adhesives – 1000 individual solutions

Ensure competitive advantages with the right adhesive

The companies of the cph group develop, produce and distribute industrial adhesives. However, we are also specialists in application engineering, i.e. our application engineering consultancy supports you and thus offers you clear possibilities for improving your processes.

Reducing costs

Can I reduce my production costs by using adhesives? Good question, simple answer: Yes! If you choose the suitable adhesive, you can achieve many advantages:

Lower consumption
Reduced line-up and inventory
Higher machine output
Less downtime
Less waste
Higher quality
Reduced cleaning
Less maintenance

cph offers 3 groups of products:

  • Waterbased adhesives
  • Hot Melts und their cleaners
  • Enzymes for the brewing process

Our products are distinguished by excellent quality and best eco-values. Both our own research and development department as well as cooperation partners (e.g. universities) in Germany and abroad work on their development.

What is the best adhesive for your equipment?

Superficially, adhesives appear to be all the same. However, there are many differences in viscosity, setting time, drying, consumption and much more. The good news: we at cph develop individual solutions in close cooperation with you and integrate the product into your individual manufacturing process! Whether in the development phase of a product or later in the optimization phase: our teams in sales and in research and development work hand in hand with our customers. How does that work? We come to you and see which glue best suits your production plant and the materials to be bonded. We make tests, propose a solution, make further tests, until we have solved your problem and fulfilled your requirements. Whether it’s labeling or packaging, whether you work in the wood or cigarette industry or in the non-woven sector.

We are here for you!

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  • Sustainable Impact Award 2023
  • cph Deutschland Chemie wins German Award for Sustainability Projects 2021
  • European neighbourhood partnership sealed
  • Sustainability in Practice - since 45 years.
  • cph Deutschland Chemie wins German Excellency Award